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PFAC Application

Spectrum Health Volunteer Application
Patient and Family Advisory Council
Please note that this application is for new Patient and Family Advisory Council members that have been pre-identified. If you have not yet talked to anyone about this role, please go back to the home page and fill our the New Volunteer Application.
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Agreement and Electronic Signature
I agree that:
  • I am at least 18 years of age

  • I can commit to volutneer for a weekly shift for at least six months
  • To complete all of the necessary paperwork and medical requirements
  • I understand that:
    • My application will not be reviewed until I complete two letters of reference found on Spectrum Health's Volunteer website

  • It may take several weeks to review my file
  • Spectrum Health may not be able to find a role that fits my interests
  • Some roles, such as Child Life, have a waiting list
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